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IQF green peas V16

Item Code:V16 Features:IQF green pea, dia7-9mm, or 9-11mm, tendermeter 120-140, made of fresh raw materials, typical green color, typical flavor, without foreign matters.
  • Description

Frozen green pea, dia7-9mm, or 9-11mm, tendermeter 120-140, made of fresh raw materials, typical green color, typical flavor, without foreign matters.


DEFECT TOLERANCES  Product shall be checked at least hourly against the following tolerances for defects: -

Foreign Matter Nil2
Foreign Extraneous Vegetable Matter Nil
Extraneous Vegetable Matter (number) 1

Assessed on 200g sample (frozen)

Splits & skins (w/w) 2%
Cut (w/w) 1%

Assessed on 200g sample (defrosted)


Blemished (number) 2
Blonds (number) 1
Pale (number) 10






 Foreign Material   

This includes any material not derived from the pea plant or defined as EVM.  Examples of Foreign Matter include insects, pieces of insects, wood, glass, stones, metal, toxic berries, seed or flower heads, snails, slugs or any other material which will render the product unacceptable.


Foreign Extraneous Vegetable Matter

This includes any vegetable matter not derived from the pea plant.


This includes any harmless vegetable matter other than peas which is derived from the pea plant or harmless vegetable material such as pieces of pods, tendrils and leaves.

 Splits and Skins

This includes:-

       (i)  Peas where a whole cotyledon or large part of a cotyledon has been separated.

       (ii) Separate whole cotyledons.

       (iii)  Loose skins or pieces of skin.

       (iv) Peas wholly crushed.


These are whole peas which possess splits in their skins which exceed one third of the circumference of the pea.


Peas which are stained or spotted, seriously blemished (ie. affecting the appearance of the pack).  insect damaged peas and seriously shrivelled peas.


These are edible peas which are completely yellow or white.  This does not include sour or rotten peas.


These are peas where more than one third of the surface is noticeably lacking in green colour but the remainder of the surface retains a tinge of green when compared with the rest of the sample.




ORGANOLEPSIS  (Carried out on a cooked sample.)

COLOUR Good bright characteristic green, may have slight lack of uniformity.
FLAVOUR Peas that are sweet and have a characteristic pea flavour.
TEXTURE Flesh tender, skins may be firm.







Organism Target
T V C @ 30°C  1 x 104
Total Coliforms 1 x 102
E. coli Nil
Staph aureus 1 x 102
Salmonella Absent in 25g
Listeria monocytogenes Absent in 25g





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