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IQF sweet corn v51

Item Code:v51 Features:IQF sweet corn ,variety super sweet ,zhongtian ,jinfei
  • Description


ORGANOLEPSIS of sweet corn.    (Carried out on a cooked sample.)

 COLOUR        Uniform, bright, characteristic pale yellow, yellow or golden yellow.

 FLAVOUR       Full, natural and characteristic sweet flavour of sweet corn.

 TEXTURE      sweet corn Kernel contents are opaque and viscous, they tend to “pop” or “squirt” when chewed, and have reasonably tender skins (pericarps) which can be chewed easily.


QUALITY CONTROLof sweet corn:


 Checks are carried out on the following: -

 Processing: -  Raw material

                            Final Product



  Packing: -        Metal detection

                           Check weighing

                            Final product physical defect levels


                            Case quantity

                            Case sealing

                           Case coding and print quality

DEFECT TOLERANCES  Product shall be checked at least hourly against the following tolerances for defects: -


Per 1000g

Clumps 4% w/w
Foreign Matter Nil
E.V.M. 2


Per 200g

Major Blemish 2
Minor Blemish 6
Black Eyes 4
Pale Silks 3
Pulled Kernels (with attached stem) 8
Damaged Kernels 5% w/w
Miscut 10% w/w

MICROBIOLOGICALof sweet corn.                   



Organism Target
T V C @ 30°C  1 x 104
Total Coliforms 1 x 102
E. coli Nil
Staph aureus 1 x 102
Salmonella Absent in 25g
Listeria monocytogenes Absent in 25g


CARTON LINERS           Dark blue food grade polythene liner Metal Detection    All cartons shall be passed through a metal detector.  The system shall be tested at least hourly using 3.5mm ferrous and 3.5mm non-ferrous & 4.5mm stainless steel test pieces.

CARTONS            Corrugated fibreboard of glued construction, no metal staples to be used.   Shall be sealed using dark blue adhesive tape.

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